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Does Flex Seal Work On Wet Concrete?

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Does Flex Seal Work On Concrete? In support of all those requesting...

Numerous visitors are asking the same question, 'does Flex Seal work?'. This article had been written to help those wondering if Flex Seal does indeed adhere to concrete..

First of all, Flex Seal adheres to many surfaces, even when it's wet. But. to be able to work like magic, Flex Seal had been created using some harsh petroleum-based chemistry. So, when working by using Flex Seal, keep your area well ventilated.

OK, on by using already...

First, to get the best results by using Flex Seal, i suggest you try to clean the concrete surface if you can. If washing the surface just can't be done, at least brush away the concrete with a brush. And after that clean any dust off using a pc screen duster cans.

Alright, We am assuming you have a restored concrete surface now. Ok, Flex Seal is really easy to use at this point. Just shake the Flex Seal can for a minute or so.

So, providing you have a relatively smaller gap in the concrete, putting the Flex Seal on will be easy. Hold the can away from the crack about 30 cm, and spray a thin film onto the concrete. Repeat about three times and you'll get good results.

If you have a bigger crack or hole, use something like putty to fill in the hole first. After that follow the above steps for using Flex Seal.

After you are finished spraying, turn the can upside-down and spray out air to clean the spray head. This is important when using Flex Seal, as it is quite thick.

Hope this short article helped you. The main objective for the creators of Flex Seal, was to make it adhere to many surfaces just like concrete.

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